Pilot Programs & Awards

YCCI’s pilot program is a funding venue for conducting small-scale research projects to generate data that potentially could lead to further research and funding opportunities. The aim of the program is to identify and support novel research ideas, stimulate the formation of interdisciplinary teams, and introduce key technologies to the clinical and translational research community. Pilot awards are in the following categories:

This award is for projects that tackle innovative questions in translational research, especially those that bring together teams from multiple Yale departments or schools. Projects that fall into this category include those emerging from Yale's Center for Biomedical and Interventional Technology (CBIT) in which clinicians with ideas for novel devices and technologies join forces with faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, and students from the School of Engineering, the Office of Cooperative Research and the School of Organization & Management.

SPIRiT is a partnership among six CTSA sites including Johns Hopkins, the Universities of Chicago, Pennsylvania, and Pittsburgh, Washington University in St. Louis, and Yale. Each year, SPIRiT identifies a high-impact research topic and solicits proposals that must include one or more investigators at each of the six institutions. See the SPIRiT award page for more details.

This award supports the development and/or use of key technologies, including projects that make use of existing research cores, such as the Yale Center for Genomic Analysis or the Yale Magnetic Resonance Research Center or PET Center, where an investigator may need preliminary data in order to be competitive for longer-term grant funding. This award also includes the purchase of key pieces of equipment for existing cores, where YCCI typically leverages institutional or other funds. Proposals must be especially important for the growth of clinical and translational research and can include the centralizing of a resource to avoid duplication of services or to reduce administrative costs.

This award provides funding to equip and/or foster the development of an emerging research core, such as acquiring new technology for Yale’s CyTOF core.

This award supports the collection of data needed to promote commercialization of a key discovery. YCCI partners with Yale's Office of Cooperative Research to evaluate these proposals.

This award supports teams engaged in innovative outcomes or community-based projects. Examples include comparative effectiveness research; projects that improve the quality of patient care or enhance patient safety; and projects that address health policy, cost-effectiveness, or real-world feasibility of prevention and treatment strategies.

There are no current RFAs available. If you would like to be added to the mailing list for new pilot funding opportunities, please e-mail nicholas.licht@yale.edu.

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